On our menu in the "Flüügerstübli"


The "Flüügerstübli", always covered with white table cloths, has the same business hours, but offers to its guests a native Ambiente with the most well-known fighters from the time of the 2nd world war such as Mustang and Morane as spectacular scenery.  The "Flüügerstübli" is open the same way as the Restaurant "Holding". Other nights are also possible for groups of minimum 15 persons and more (please make early reservations).

We offer à la carte menues and an extended choice of special wines.

Nicole Locatelli and her team are glad to welcome you in the "Flüügerstübli".

Gesellschaften ab 15 Personen

Für Gesellschaften ab 15 Personen öffnen wir das "Flüügerstübli" gerne auch ausserhalb der normalen Öffnungszeiten (bitte frühzeitig reservieren).

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