Restaujrant "Holding" mit "Flüügerstübli" im FLIEGER FLAB MUSEUM

The Restaurant Holding with its Flüügerstübli ...

... offers you culinary "flights of fancy":


Usually there is nothing more boring for airline passengers than to have to sit in a plane on a holding pattern due to overcrowded skies. This means that aircrafts are circling the skies as they expect landing clearance, often leading to late arrivals shortly before reaching a destination.

At the AIR FORCE CENTER, however, "holding" is turned into a pleasant affair!


The Restaurant "Holding" offers you a selection of meals and snacks to enjoy before you check in next door at JU-AIR or head for the exhibits in the Aviation Museum.

Needless to say, that our doors are also open to guests who just prefer to enjoy a meal on the ground rather than fly up and away...

Nicole Locatelli and her team look forward to your visit.